You can now control your, and your town’s, lifespan with new toxic testing technologies.

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Until recently, all testing labs were owned and controlled by many of the same companies who were producing the chemicals that cause cancer, lung disease, liver disease, brain damage and other terminal afflictions.

In recent years, a whole new generation of portable, and personal, chemical testing systems has emerged that has revolutionized your ability to find out what’s killing you.

Concrete foundations, in homes, suck deadly toxins into your house like a sponge. Did you know you can test for those toxins yourself?

The leaves on the plants around you hold secrets about groundwater carcinogens. Do you know you can listen to what they have to say with just your notebook PC?

Three strands of your hair can disclose what heavy metal poisons are in your body. Do you want to track and find the source of those toxins?

Is the arrival of the Fukushima water going to fry the West Coast? Now you can test the water at the beach yourself.


This Special Report will identify the technologies, the suppliers you can go to, the process you can use and how other communities have identified and terminated toxic poisoning that was killing them slowly.

Community Case Examples:

Community BP Investigation: CLICK HERE>>>

Bhopal India Chemical Case: CLICK HERE>>>

Cell Tower and EMF Radiation Community Testing CLICK HERE>>>

Erin Brokovitch Studies: CLICK HERE>>>

3 Mile Island Case: CLICK HERE>>>

Northern California Cancer Study:  CLICK HERE>>>

Northern California Study 2, Environmental Justice- Richmond: CLICK HERE>>>

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In a fire from a TESLA MOTORS car, the chemicals in the smoke cloud from burning the lithium ion batteries in the Tesla and the Tesla plastic are known to produce brain damage. If you see a TESLA car on fire, get your children as far away from it as possible.


A few samples of personal/portable toxin testing equipment that you, or your community, can buy and test your environment for yourself:

Remote Sensing Spectroradiometer
Field Portable Spectrometers

Handheld XRF Device

Mini-Raman Lidar System (MRLS) spectral identifier
Texas Agrilife Research
Louisiana State University
Virginia Tech
Swedish Environmental Research Institute

Near-Infrared Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy
Texas Agrilife Research
Louisiana State University
Virginia Tech
Swedish Environmental Research Institute

ADC1000-USB A/D Converter for Notebook Computer


See the entire catalog of testing devices at


Over a hundred new portable toxin sensing systems are now available from a variety of suppliers? A huge number of USB and quick connect sensor/software packages for notebook computers, cell phones and tablet toxin sensing are now available. “Don’t get fooled again…”, do your own testing!


The Newest Start-Ups: Mall and Mini-Van Toxic Testing Services. Could this be your next start-up venture?

Did you ever wonder if that meat you just got at the grocery store was actually horse meat? Now there’s an App for that!

Did you ever wonder if the fumes at the gas station are really giving you cancer? Now there’s an App for that!

Did you ever worry about the plastic containers that hold your baby food? Now there’s an App for that!

Is the factory down the block killing your family? Now there’s an App for that!

Is the stuff you spray in your house cleaning or killing? Now there’s an App for that!

Tech geeks are preparing to set up mall kiosks and offer mini-van on-call testing services which can provide testing results for carcinogens, heavy metals, harmful toxins, residual lethal trace elements and other hazards that can enter your body via breath, food or skin absorption.

Imagine picking up the latest blouse at Macy’s and, afterwards, grabbing your toxins print-out, next to the Gap storefront, on the way back to your car.

Boston Area, Silicon Valley and Santa Monica innovators are racing to capture this new market for household safety. Just like ordering a pizza, new tech CEO’s plan for you to call a Toxi-Van or a Test-Mobile that drives right up to your home or office with a back section full of blinking computerized analysis equipment. This equipment, which used to cost millions of dollars, is now as affordable as a mobile dog washing van and these start-up gurus plan to make the most of it.

Moore’s Law has downsized, optimized and price reduced some of the most sophisticated material science equipment to allow a whole new market to emerge.

Founders hope to deliver the end-run run on the: “is this dangerous” argument with affordable, fast CSI-like toxic materials analysis services.



Here is a very, very small sample of what can be done today:


Also check out:



Test and know your house-hold materials
 Take suspect materials to any good testing lab and compare results online with other communities.

Beware – newly discovered compounds 100x more CANCER-CAUSING mutagenic

These compounds were not previously known to exist, and raise new concerns about the health effects of air pollution or dietary exposure.

Beware BBQ enthusiasts: newly discovered compounds 100x more mutagenic
Science Recorder | James Fluere | Monday, January 06, 2014

According to a news release from Oregon State University, Oregon State researchers have found novel compounds generated by certain kinds of chemical reactions that are hundreds of times more mutagenic than their parent compounds which are known carcinogens. The compounds are produced by chemical reactions found in vehicle exhaust or grilling meat.

These compounds were not previously known to exist, and raise new concerns about the health effects of air pollution or dietary exposure.

The compounds were discovered in laboratory experiments that imitate the kinds of environment which might be produced by combustion and exhaust in cars, or the cooking of meat over a flame.

“Some of the compounds that we’ve discovered are far more mutagenic than we previously understood, and may exist in the environment as a result of heavy air pollution from vehicles or some types of food preparation,” posited Staci Simonich, a professor of chemistry and toxicology at Oregon State, in a statement. ”We don’t know at this point what levels may be present, and will explore that in continued research.”

The parent compounds are polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) developed naturally as the result of nearly any kind of combustion. Many PAHs, are known to be carcinogenic, and are the subject of in-depth research at Oregon State. According to scientists, PAHs are even more problematic when they chemically interact with nitrogen to become “nitrated” (NPAHs). The novel compounds are NPAHs.

This study discovered that the direct mutagenicity of the NPAHs with one nitrogen group can increase 6 to 432 times more than the parent compound. Mutagens are chemicals that can lead to DNA damage in cells that can eventually cause cancer. Researchers note that these numbers may actually underestimate the increase in toxicity.

These findings are a continuation of research on PAHs that was conducted by Simonich at the Beijing Summer Olympic Games in 2008. Beijing has major issues with air quality, and may be 10-50 times more polluted than some major urban areas in the U.S. with air pollution issues.

The study’s results are described in greater detail in the journal Environmental Science and Technology.


TEST YOUR BEACH!!!! See the portable devices used in the analysis below- – Official detects radiation spike on California beach

1 day ago … Official detects radiation spike on California beach, now at 500% normal levels. ‘ Befuddled’ as to why it’s so high, claims there’s no ‘immediate’ … by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Health officials respond to beach radiation scare – Half Moon Bay …

2 days ago … Health officials respond to beach radiation scare ….. Northern California Beach Reading 500 CPM on 12/20/2013 – Fukushima Radiation Is … news/ health-officials-respond-to-beach-radiation-scare/ article_8c7e7fb0-74de-11e3-9c9d-001a4bcf887a.htmlView by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Official detects radiation spike on California beach, now at 500 …

2 days ago … Official detects radiation spike on California beach, now at 500% normal levels — ‘Befuddled’ as to why it’s so high, claims there’s no … just-in-official-detects-radiation-at-500-normal-level-on-californiabeach-befuddled-as-to-why-its-so-high-claims-its-no-immediate-public- health-concern-videoView by Ixquick ProxyHighlight



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New and Deadly Cancer Causing Compounds Discovered: PAHs and NPAHs

New and Deadly Cancer Causing Compounds Discovered: PAHs and NPAHs
Whenever you grill meat, mow a lawn with a gas lawnmower, or drive a gas-powered vehicle, you’re producing newly discovered, highly mutagenic cancer causing compounds called PAHs and NPAHs, according to a recent study by scientists from four universities: Oregon State, Peking University, Texas A&M University, and the University of California-Riverside.

These newly identified cancer causing compounds are in the air pollution of major cities, and also are created whenever we grill food, like hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken, and steak. No health standards or regulations exist yet for them, as they haven’t been known about long enough for such standards and regulations to have been developed yet.

These extremely mutagenic cancer causing chemical compounds were discovered as a result of experiments designed to mimic the grilling of meat over a fire, or combustion and exhaust fumes emitted by gas-powered vehicles.

Chemicals that alter, or mutate, genetic material are mutagens. Many mutagens are carcinogenic agents, chemicals or chemical compounds known to result in cancer.

The research that the scientists from the four universities did involved parent compounds known as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). These PAHs are formed by almost any sort of combustion, like from cars, trucks, wood stoves, coal-fired power plants, and cigarettes.

Several of these PAHs are carcinogenic, like benzopyrene. They are a major health concern in and of themselves, and are being researched around the world.

According to scientists, when PAHs interact with nitrogen and become “nitrated (NPAHs),” they become even more of a health problem. Until now, NPAHs were unknown.

Staci Simonich, a professor of chemistry and toxicology in the OSU College of Agricultural Sciences, states that these NHPAH compounds “may exist in the environment as a result of heavy air pollution from vehicles or some types of food preparation.”

According to the findings of the study published in December 2013 in the journal Environmental Science and Technology, all it takes is one nitrogen group combined with the NPAHs to increase the direct mutagenicity of the NPAHs anywhere from six to 432 times greater than the PAHs, or parent compounds, that they’re derived from.

Increase the number of nitrogen groups to two, and the resultant NPAHs can be 272-467 times more mutagenic. The researchers state that they’re being modest in their assessments and that the toxicity might be much higher than the estimates they give in the recent study.

Simonich’s previous research into PAHs during the Beijing Summer Olympic Games laid the groundwork for the joint work the researchers did involving NPAHs.The government of China and other governments and athletes worldwide wondered what the affects might be of Beijing’s bad air pollution, and what the impact of it might be on the individual performances.

A World Health Organization agency declared last fall that air pollution — especially particulate air pollution — is carcinogenic and can also pose other serious health problems. PAHs are found on particulate matter that makes up a lot of air pollution.

Simonich had the idea of conducting air quality monitoring on Mount Bachelor in Oregon, to find out the levels of air pollution that there were in air that journeyed to the United States from countries on the other side of the Pacific Ocean.

The work of the researchers at the four universities involving the impact of the newly discovered cancer causing compounds, PAHs and NPAHs, was funded by the National Science Foundation, the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, and OSU’s Superfund Research Program.

Written by: Douglas Cobb


500,000 People killed in China from the Air!!! Ugh!


Why Air Pollution Is So Much Worse Than You Thought, Causing 1 In 8 Global Deaths

The World Health Organization has said that seven million people died from air pollution in 2012, a terrible death toll linked to what they call “the world’s single largest environmental health risk.” A slew of recent studies have found links between air pollution and forms of cancer, as well as cardiovascular and respiratory diseases; WHO linked about one-eighth of all global deaths in 2012 to air pollution. The worst of it was felt in South East Asia, and the WHO’s Western Pacific region, which includes China, Malaysia, Japan and the Philippines.

It’s been a pretty harrowing 2014 so far for those concerned with the health implications of air pollution. A number of recent studies have presented compelling potential understandings of the toll that dirty air can have on the human body. One such study found that traffic pollution could cause electrical and physical changes to your heart’s structure. Another suggested a potential link between pollution and autism, by way of measuring heightened autism rates among young children with genital malformations, which themselves have been linked to environmental pollutants and toxins.

And another, conducted on young children born in coal pollution-suffused Tongliang county in China, found that the exposure had caused genetic changes which hurt their learning and memory skills.

Just this month, France saw air pollution throughout Paris spike so badly that the government advised young children and the elderly to stay indoors.

Staying indoors in a metropolitan destination like Paris may be a option, but the WHO’s findings in regard to indoor air pollution are chilling. In mostly low-to-middle income areas in those South East Asian and Western Pacific regions, most people died as a result of indoor air pollution — about 3.3 million deaths, compared to 2.6 million outdoors.

The ways in which air pollution wreaks a toll on the human body are becoming better-understood, including how dangerous air pollution can be for people with heart problems or risk of strokes. Most of 2012’s pollution-related deaths occurred by way of heart disease, at 40 percent.

Said Dr. Maria Neira, director of the WHO’s public health, environmental and social determinants of health department:


The risks from air pollution are now far greater than previously thought or understood, particularly for heart disease and strokes. Few risks have a greater impact on global health today than air pollution. The evidence signals the need for concerted action to clean up the air we all breathe.

Exposure to DDT pesticide may increase Alzheimer’s risk …

Exposure to the synthetic pesticide DDT may increase both the risk and severity of Alzheimer’s disease in some individuals – especially those over the age of 60.…