There are some mysterious deaths that have taken place in recent times. They are all connected to all of the IN-Q-Tel cases and investigations.
In the case of each of the following people, they:

1. Were connected to In-Q-Tel, or it’s investor’s, or spoke against them.

2. Were in fine health prior to the death.

3. Have family, or friends, who say that the death was mysterious..or worse

Gary. D. Conley. Solar and hydrogen CEO. Whistle-blower on Solyndra and Abound.

John Wheeler. Washington DC Fixer.

Forrest Hayes. Google Executive.

Rajeev Motwani. Google technology founder.

David Bird. Wall Street Journal energy reporter

Plus 4 lobbyists, 2 Congressional staff, the head of an online newspaper, the head of Tata Motors, 3 Tesla executives in a plane crash, and over 30 investment bankers in 2014 alone and the list does not end there…

Information about all of these people is freely available on the web via non-Google search engines.