Have you noticed that quite a few people are ‘too stupid to live‘?
Does it seem like some people are too dumb to vote?
Does it seem like stupid people are flooding your neighborhood?
Is there a reason that ‘redneck sports’ exists?
Do all the criminals in police mugshot groups actually look like stupid people?
Do all of those web videos of people doing dumb things to show-off, that show them getting killed, a reality we can’t ignore?
Is televised sports just a pacifier for CRETINS?
Why do so many people seem to be totally unaware of what is going on around them?
Are some people too dumb to be allowed to breed? Should one have to take a test in order to make kids?
Is Instagram a showcase for bimbos, idiots and hookers who have no clue how dumb they look holding a phone up to a mirror?

Stupidity – Wikipedia

It may be innate, assumed or reactive. The word stupid comes from the Latin word stupere. Stupid characters are often used for comedy in fictional stories.

A Short Introduction to the History of Human Stupidity. – JAMA Network

One need not search far to understand why human beings are stupid. … Reforming the World Health Organization’s Essential Medicines List. October 24, 2022.

Psychologists reveal the ‘three different types of stupidity’

. A new study has found that there are three main categories of foolish behaviour – confident ignorance, lack of control and absentmindedness.

It’s not the mortality rate, stupid! – PMC – NCBI

 to be the percentage of people with a given illness that will die.

American Idiots – Medical Economics

The American people’s ignorance, stupidity, and disinterest in the … the world average and 10 to 15 percent below leading Asian countries.

A Biophysical Interpretation of Carlo Cipolla’s Stupidity Laws – MDPI

3. Results · 3.1. First and Third Quadrants: Bandits and Their Helpless Victims · 3.2. Second Quadrant: Intelligent Agents · 3.3. Fourth Quadrant: Stupid People.

It’s The Prices Stupid: Why The United States Is So Different … – KFF

U.S. public spending as a percentage of GDP (5.8 percent) is virtually identical to public spending in the United Kingdom, Italy, and Japan (5.9 percent …

Why Smart People Are Stupid | The New Yorker

Here’s a simple arithmetic question: A bat and ball cost a dollar and ten cents. The bat costs a dollar more than the ball.

Stupidity as a mental illness – LessWrong

Clinical depression was only marginally treatable. … Harvard would boast about how many stupid people it admitted.

People See Political Opponents as More Stupid Than Evil

Real-world examples of affective polarization abound, from individuals refusing to help motorists who belong to the opposite party (Gutierrez, 2016; Larimer, …

Imbecile – Wikipedia

For the common or slang use of imbecile, see Idiot. … The term imbecile was once used by psychiatrists to denote a category of people with moderate to severe …

The Clinical History of ‘Moron,’ ‘Idiot,’ and ‘Imbecile’ | Merriam-Webster

Of these three words moron is the newest (it dates to the early 20th century), and the only one coined specifically for the purpose of medical diagnosis. The …

Mental deficiency: idiot, imbecile, and moron – The Eugenics Archives

Such designations as “idiot,” “imbecile,” and “moron” were introduced into the … Leila, ”The Debate Over Diagnosis: Henry Herbert Goddard and the Medical …

Cretin – Definition, Meaning & Synonyms – Vocabulary.com

Back before cretin meant “a stupid person,” it was a medical term for a physical deformity that came from a specific disease. Surprisingly, the root of …

5 steps physicians can take to get rid of “stupid stuff”

This might be a good fit for the chief medical information officer. It is also key to have the chief experience officer or chief operating …