The Dirty Core Of The Stimulus Cash

By Shirley Westin

The federal “stimulus packages” of 2008 and 2020 are imbued with controversy over how much of the taxpayers money (from their own pockets) the citizens should receive back vs. how much money should go to billions of dollars of political “pork” for friends of the corrupt Senators.

Senators and other big politicos have proven that they use government resources to illegally attack any citizens who questions their motives in these “stimulus” payola and kick-back schemes.

The Fusion GPS, Media Matters, Gawker Media and Google censorship and defamation lawsuits and investigations show that politicians really DO attack citizens using spy agency dirty tricks attacks.

In these stimulus programs, history has proven that the decisions made to spend stimulus money pretty much only inure to lobbyists for crooked insiders. (Case-in-point: All of the Department of Energy funding to outside parties like Tesla, Severstal, Ener1, Solyndra, Abound, etc.)

Forensic data has proven that, in every case, where a whistle-blower exposed corruption in these programs, records and decisions were altered by government staff in an effort to harm the citizen that spoke out in reprisal for their testimony to law enforcement as a witness, whistle-blower and advocate.

One victim was a criminology student on the multi-campus “Core Curriculum” which was offered through the Stanford, SFSU and Berkeley campuses. Real estate and city records show that he or she, “the victim”, lived in San Francisco with a woman who was the best friend of the daughter of the future Mayor of San Francisco and a future federal court judge. The woman’s mother worked for that politician. The daughter of that future senator often stayed at the victims home and partied there in the hot tub in the back yard and in the downstairs living room, where she told tales of San Francisco politics. This led to recordings and production of an investigative film series about the characters in San Francisco politics, only a portion of which has been publicly released.

Mayor George Moscone was then assassinated one day while the victim was on the way to City Hall for a meeting at the Mayor’s office. This assassination made the victim’s house-mate’s best friend’s mom the Mayor of San Francisco and, later, a U.S. Senator.

The daughter had her mom issue a large published proclamation to the victim for the victim’s work on a major project for the City of San Francisco, a tribute to George Moscone viewed by millions of citizens and had victim produce many socialite events at City Hall for, and with, the Mayor’s friends. The documents of these occurrences show that all of the parties knew each other and were, at one time, very close and had a positive inside relationship.

The victim was one of two producer’s creating a major national project but a rift developed between the victim’s group and the other group. The opposing group was being accused of embezzling public funds and was headed by two personal friends of the Mayor. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back. The failures of the opposition group, and the associated charges of corruption, became national news as it was also backed by David Rockefeller’s money man, who financed the Mayor. The victim’s opposition to corruption was highlighted in this case. This was graft and corruption in a sort of “micro-stimulus” and the victim saw, first-hand, how bribes, payola, insider trading, revolving door kick-backs and other dirty political tricks work. The glut of FBI arrests in San Francisco City Hall show that the investigations are finally paying off, though.

At this time the victim, had numerous law enforcement and intelligence credentials, commendations and certifications and was approached to assist with a sting operation involving some of those officials. One sting operation required that victim run for a major political office in San Francisco because only a major office candidate could have access to the proper people, information and proximity needed for such an operation. Department of Justice, FBI, California Fair Political Practices Commission and other entities had an interest in these task force-type efforts.

The combined efforts resulted in one famous official being arrested for running an underage prostitution ring for San Francisco public officials, co-managed by a SFPD official. Another candidate for Mayor, associated with the old school North Beach mob, was run out of politics and had his young daughter removed by the police to protect her from attempted abuse. Both of the indicted officials had close relationships with the Mayor and both suspects were placed under FBI surveillance. Over 50 other public officials have now been cited in this Jeffrey Epstein-like political sex ring cult for famous people.

The victim also ran the opening ceremonies for one of David Rockefeller’s project’s in San Francisco which Rockefeller, the Mayor and James Bronkema were key players in. Bag man James Bronkema, (The head of the Golden Gate Bridge District and Mayoral financier) had his mistress intermediate a potential “peace treaty” between victim and the tech Cartel. Bronkema later sought to invite victim into the Bay Area political Cartel he ran and disclosed the insider scheme to victim, hoping to entice him to join their little crime club. Bay Area VC Tom Perkins also made the victim this offer and confirmed the existence, operation and scope of this Cartel which included famous politicians. The victim, again, rebuffed the offers.

Subsequently, the Mayor’s family became the investors, government financial agent, contractors, HR providers, staffing liaison, and friends for Elon Musk and managed the State and Federal gifts of billions of dollars of tax payer funds to Musk, which the the Mayor’s family profited from.

At the same time, victim was operating a U.S. Government funded manufacturing company and an energy production company that competed with Elon Musk’s companies. victim contacted the Fremont, California NUMMI plant which Elon Musk had publicly stated he “had no use for NUMMI”. victim had been in negotiations and had arranged the first request to re-task NUMMI. A major Washington DC consulting group and CBS News 60 Minutes Producer: Bob Simon, then had communications with the Mayor’s, now Senator’s, Chief of Staff who threatened victim against having anything to do with the NUMMI plant. Subsequently Elon Musk announced he had stepped back in and was taking over the plant in a surprise announcement MC’d, in person by the now senator, whose family was managing the leasing, hiring and contracting for the NUMMI and next door Solyndra buildings.

The victim received a Congressional commendation for their work but the attacks on the victim accelerated because federal investigations had found meat in each of the victim’s tips.

Subsequently, the FBI discovered ( confirmed via a declassified congressional report) that Daniel Jones, a former intelligence committee staffer for the Senator hired Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele to push the Russian story and used Fusion GPS, and other services to put hit-jobs on people in opposition to Silicon Valley oligarch financiers and their White House take-over scheme as discussed in the articles such as:


…and hundreds of thousands of other investigative reports and broadcast news segments. The victim’s peers have posted millions of pages of proof-of-assertions evidence and video proofs on the internet, in repositories around the globe, so that nobody can argue the points. The proof of the corruption is clear and voluminous.

Additionally, the FBI discovered that high level Chinese spies worked for the senator, including driving her around. Fusion GPS, Media Matters, Gawker Media, Gizmodo Media Google and Youtube were subsequently found to have been hired by “a famous politician” to operate over $30M of character assassination reprisal media defamation attacks against victim to punish the victim for helping law enforcement in these cases. It is well known, and documented that Feinstein, Pelosi, Harris, Reid and other Senators commonly use intelligence agency resources and “dirty tricks” to attack citizens they are mad at. It is well known and documented that those senator’s financiers, particularly Reid Hoffman, Larry Page, Eric Schmidt, Mark Zickerberg, et al, contract and pay for attack services for those politicians.

While the victim was cooperating with investigations, the victim, at this time, discovered that they had been exposed to toxic materials, possibly intentionally as “political poisoning” (ie: The Salisbury Poisonings, the Alexei Navalny and the Alexander Litvinenko poisonings), as a reprisal tactic, from their work with the Department of Energy and Kaiser laboratories. The victim filed for their benefit rights, which the victim had full credits for, but political officials from Senate offices ordered those funds frozen and used intelligence agency dirty tricks to manipulate and alter government records. The “Solarwinds”, “Supernova”, “Spectre” and hundreds of other hacks show that the very servers that victim’s records were on were, in fact, penetrated.

Intelligence agency staffers manipulated victim’s filed benefits applications with SSA, HUD and other agencies, in order to cut off victims funds in reprisal for victim’s assistance to corruption investigations.

Congressional officials then assisted the victims and the victim’s peers with a first-ever federal anti-corruption lawsuit. This case set many new legal precedents. victim’s team won the lawsuit proving that government agencies “infected by corruption” had manipulated, blockaded and stone-walled victim’s funding.

Government staff and officials ran political reprisals on victim because the victim’s case-work support was so effective. OPM and HR database record history has shown that some government staff since involved with victims case have gone on to work for politicians in dispute with victim or for ANTIFA-like political activism groups that advocate attacks.

Further details in the matter can be viewed at:


The victim is now assisting FBI, DOJ, OSC, GAO, SEC and Congress with investigations into, and lawsuits around, these matters.

Because the victims have exhausted every use of “proper channels” to try to resolve their claims, the victim’s peers have been forced to use the full resources of the courts, social media, broadcast news production and Congressional hearings to bring the victim’s demand to the public in the most politically embarrassing manner possible. A massive “insurance policy” encrypted file set will be revealed if things get any worse for the many victim’s in this case.

As Snowden (and tens of thousands of other whistle-blowers) found out, reporting corruption through the “proper channels” only paints a target on your back for hit-jobs from public officials.

The Inspector General has already published numerous reports of federal offices and public earned benefits being used for political reprisals. The Russian hacking groups and teenage hacking clubs are now known to have a copy of every federal agency record for the last 20 years and those records will eventually find their way to the open web, further proving the victim’s assertions.

The victim’s have now helped produce the FTC and DOJ lawsuits against the Silicon Valley Cartel who instigated the above crimes and corruptions.

The facts prove that government officials harmed the victims and corrections and damages are demanded.

When will Congress make state-sponsored attacks on citizens illegal?

When citizens sue each member of Congress, personally, to make them do their jobs! Waiting for a politician to do-the-right-thing will accomplish nothing. They must be forced to do the right things!