The definition of an illegal cartel operation –

The same few dozen men are:

-The financial and political backers of IQT

– The men who control black-listing decisions at the NVCA

– The financial and political backers of the New America Foundation lobby/policy rigging group

– The men charged in the AngelGate scandal

– The war profiteers in the Afghanistan War Lithium/Solyndra/Electric Car Scandal

– The investors and controlling directors of the top domestic U.S. privacy abuse companies including Google and Facebook

– The owners of the search engines and career database modifier companies used in the attacks

– The insider stock holders of competing interests from those ventures Campaign financiers

– Investment bank associates of banks charged with crimes in federal investigations

– The organizers and implementers of attacks against small business and individuals who reported them to authorities

This grouping, and their actions, fully meet the legal definition of “Mob”, “Cartel”,”Organized Crime”, and “Racketeering” under U.S. Law and standard definition

The XKEYSCORE connection of the deaths of Rajeev Motwani of Google; Gary D. Conley -the Solyndra/lithium whistle-blower; David Bird Wall Street Journal energy reporter; and, recently, over 20 investment bankers, to relationships with these same few dozen men, make it all the more concerning.


Illegal activities, by these parties, has been disclosed in the Snowden Papers, The Assange Papers, The Manning Papers, The Sony Hack, FOIA responses, federal investigation documents and media surveillance and investigations.