The 30+ companies who witnessed these crimes have made certain that every single law enforcement, regulatory, congressional investigation and investigative journalist office has the complete information on this case. Not a single agency, investigator or task force has denied that any of these criminal actions took place.
The companies have requested that agencies and investigators inform them if they are laboring under any misconceptions, or misunderstood any of the evidence. To date, not a single investigator has stated that any of the conclusions are erroneous. While the public is very aware of the “Solyndra” portion of the case, the public has not been shown the entire Solyndra investigation case files, nor seen the follow-on investigations, which implicate some very well-known parties.
So far, not a single agency, investigator or task force has filed a major criminal indictments against the primary parties involved, because the perpetrators are very large investment banks, technology companies and billionaire campaign backers who have ordered cover-ups, and delays, to be enacted. Smaller players have been fired or forced tp resign from federal jobs, Steven Rattner was indicted for securities fraud. Raj Gupta was put in jail. Some of the front companies were bankrupted, but the big crimes are still underway and they affect every American taxpayer.
There are now over 200+ whistle-blowers, evidential witnesses and corroborating testimony experts willing to testify, publicly, in an open Congressional/law enforcement network-media-broadcast hearing. The witnesses are prepared to swear, under oath, to the truth of their statements. To date, no party has accepted responsibility for organizing such a hearing.
In short: This was a massive kick-back, stock fraud, insider trading crime!

Notice, in the documentary above, that all of the Chinese end-holders are connected to 4 specific U.S. Senators.