Panasonic engineers GUARANTEE that Tesla battery packs will explode when wet!!!!!

After the cataclysmic explosions and self combustion devastation of the Fisker electric cars because they simply GOT WET in the Hurricane Sandy rain, Panasonic has now, not only, stated that Tesla Lithium batteries will also explode and kill the baby, or dog, or other family member you have in the back seat, but that Tesla also received written warnings, in hard copy documents, in the quotations and shipping MSDS sheets that the Tesla batteries are “guaranteed” to explode if salt, or any other water touches them.

With all of the other lawsuits Tesla now has, they expect to get liability lawsuits from owners, suppliers that they sold battery packs to (without disclosing the danger their engineers knew of) and consumer class action groups.

Panasonic engineers have been retained to examine safety issues with the cars.