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Salesforce tries to block Microsoft’s LinkedIn acquisition – PCWorld (

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I fail to see why salesforce thinks its in its best interest to try to have this blocked. For 26 billion, the linkedin buy will doubtless go down in history with windows ME, Vista, and 8 as one of the companies biggest mistakes. Why would anyone want to stop them?



[–] pray_the_gay_away 4 points (+4|-0) 3 hours ago 

Have you ever used salesforce? It’s a cluster fuck of useless enterprise features, constant service interruptions, and password reset excursions. Bennioff knows his shit company doesn’t stand a chance in an environment of increasing competition and clean dashboard interfaces, something slaesforces desperately lacks. LinkedIn would have been a fantastic merger for SF since it would allow them to attach a social media profile to every business lead. But Microsoft looks like they are going to swoop in a stuck up salesforces game. This is some petty sore loser bullshit



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I can’t say I’ve used salesforce’s products, but if the issues you describe are accurate, then the answer isn’t to acquire a new company, as it will just get corrupted by the problems plaguing existing products (see: EA), the answer is to hire people who specialize in interface design .etc.



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I’ve only ever seen screenshots of it, and it looks like a fucking nightmare.



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Salesforce is retarded and shite so I don’t see them succeeding, which is a pity, because I liked Linkedin. It would have been nice to have seen the merger blocked before I deleted my account, but I’ll be damned if I’ll deliberately personally use any product associated with microsoft.



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