Heard it all before! Woke San Francisco Mayor London Breed AGAIN pledges to crack down on city’s rampant public drug taking – months after SHE opened city’s ‘drug market’

  • Mayor London Breed has announced a new crackdown on SF’s drug problem 
  • New tougher policies to be implemented by police and law enforcement
  • SF officials announced increase in arrests, seizures and felony charges 
  • Policies are departure from previous ‘soft touch’ approach and ‘drug markets’ 

San Francisco Mayor London Breed has signaled a U-turn in her approach to the city’s rampant drug taking when pledging ENDLESSLY to crackdown on the problem – this time by turning to the police.

Under Breed’s ‘soft touch’ policies that have included open-air drug markets where people can shoot up ‘without anyone going to jail’, San Francisco has seen a surge in open-air drugtaking, with nearly 1,700 fatal overdoses since the start of 2020.

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This time, Breed was joined by the top brass of San Francisco law enforcement as she again promised to get tough on drug dealing and ‘unacceptable’ public drug use at a Wednesday press conference at San Francisco police headquarters.

On the podium next to her was Police Chief William Scott and Breed-appointees District Attorney Brooke Jenkins, and District Six Supervisor Matt Dorsey, who are both fighting to keep their seats in upcoming November elections.

Breed appointed Jenkins after the previous district attorney, Chesa Boudin, was recalled in June for ‘not being tough enough on drug dealers’, and she appointed former police spokesperson Dorsey in May.

The officials were keen to emphasize an uptick in drug seizures in the long-suffering Tenderloin neighborhood, and drug arrests and felony narcotics charges across the city in the three months since Jenkins took charge.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed has once again declared she will crackdown on the city's rampant drug crisis