Silicon Valley monopolies like Google, Facebook, Tesla, YouTube, Netflix, etc., hire hundreds of crooked investment bankers and THOUSANDS of lawyers and lobbyists in order to steal any technology they want to steal and bribe any politician to avoid regulation. These companies chose to CHEAT RATHER THAN COMPETE.

They chose to STEAL INSTEAD OF DEAL with the United States Government VERIFIED inventors of the technologies that they copied and made billions of dollars off of! The New York Times published an article about how Google’s founder covertly lurks around at tcch parties to spy on the ideas of others. the FTC must sue these companies into oblivion, for theor crimes against society and their ongoing intellectual property thefts.

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Recent legislation and court decisions are significantly altering innovation in the US, but thanks to you all, your support, and your engagement in this fight, we are making notable headway.

Our mission at US Inventor is to restore innovation and give the inventor the ability to stop the theft of a patented invention

Change is happening. Keep reading to learn more!


  • What is the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB)?
  • Senate IP Subcommittee  Hearing
  • House IP Subcommittee Hearing
  • How you can help
  • Thank those that support startups and inventors.
  • Thanks to your efforts, HR 5874 has 22 Cosponsors
Inventors have lost the ability to stop large corporations from taking valuable, patented technologies.The Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) was created in 2011 under the America Invents Act (AIA). This administrative court was established with the sole purpose of invalidating patents.Infringers use this to their benefit. The PTAB is an efficient way to invalidate a startup or inventor’s patent. When you attempt to stop a large corporation from infringing your patent, they use the PTAB to invalidate it. 84% of the patents that are reviewed by the PTAB are invalidated

  • PTAB invalidates 84% of all patents they review.
  • PTAB is an administrative court with no jury and minimal due process (if any).
  • PTAB Trial typically has three Administrative Patent Judges- with little to no technical experience.
  • PTAB allows unlimited petitions.
  • PTAB defense costs $400,000 to $800,000. It is extremely rare for an attorney to take a PTAB case on contingency

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