Journalist Glenn Greenwald recently took to Twitter to outline how he believes leftists are methodically and systematically stifling dissent through coordination with various elements of the state and media.

Twitchy reports that journalist Glenn Greenwald recently took to Twitter to examine how the left is systematically stifling dissent via coordination with various people within the media and state.

Greenwald tweeted:



Greenwald notes that a number of topics have become “off limits” to discuss in the mainstream media and that those that attempt to bring them to light — such as by podcaster Joe Rogan — face intense pressure to step back in line.


However, the failure to force Rogan to step back in line only strengthened these campaigns, according to Greenwald:



Greenwald claims that leftist media employees are the worst offenders, aligning with leftist organizations while posing as independent journalists.


Greenwald further noted the hypocrisy of those on the left decrying fascism while attempting to “unite state and corporate power to censor their critics:”



Greenwald said that those posing as “journalists” are taking the lead in “agitating censorship” and calling on corporate giants to ban dissenters:



Greenwald notes that multiple tactics are being used to silence critics:



Greenwald claims that of all the recent stories, the one that disturbs him the most is that of the Hunter Biden scandal:




However, Greenwald states that there is still hope and those fighting back:


But the reactions to these attempts is still to attempt to crush them as quickly as possible:



Greenwald states that there is a “war in the West” over the internet and free expression:



Greenwald states that the measure of a free society is how it treats its dissidents, and so far that has included imprisonment, exile, or silencing:




Greenwald says he plans to stay largely detached from this issue as he handles a family health crisis but that freedom and free speech are still extremely important causes:


Greenwald further noted that the enemy of free speech is not our “neighbors” who have been deceived into supporting the wrong party, but the system of propaganda that forces them into an opinion they cannot allow to be challenged:



Greenwald noted that the primary target of criticism should be the pro-censorship “journalists” that are attempting to suppress free speech and the right to dissent:


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