Character Assassin gets life-time of surveillance for dirty deeds


Let’s say there was a character assassin that assisted an organized crime operation with the take-down of their enemies (reporters, competitors, etc.) by producing horrific lies, about the mob’s adversaries, and posting them everywhere on the world wide web. Let’s say this fictional character is named Adrian, or John and that they work for someone like Nick Denton; just for the sake of discussion. So this person, or persons, aided and abetted a known organized crime operation. That gets the federal law enforcement pretty interested in these parties. That gets the private investigators, for the people they attacked, pretty interested. That gets the news media pretty interested. They all figure that this person has permanent connections to the inside knowledge about this mob.

Well-known-pedophile Nick Denton sells hit jobs on people.

Here is what then happens to these character assassins, for the rest of their lives, per Snowden, Assange and FBI:

– Acquisition and tracking of your Comcast, Netflix, Hulu and related media uses for the last 10 years.

– Acquisition and tracking of your PG&E bills and usage curves for the last 10 years.

– Live feed observation from all cameras on your mobile devices, computers, smart devices and nearby surveillance cameras, even though those devices appear to be turned off.

– Acquisition and tracking of every keystroke on your devices via a delayed buffer file that remotely sends itself to surveillance servers when you believe your devices are turned off.

– Acquisition and tracking of all of your Paypal, credit card, debit card, club card and service card transactions for the last 10 years.

– “Stingray” device deployment in your neighborhood to spoof all of your wireless devices and create a archived database of all phone calls, text messages, voicemails and web search URLS.

– Routing your computer to spoofed URLS for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other sites that appear to be authentic but are actually monitoring sites.

– Acquisition, tracking and archiving of all third party business surveillance camera feeds on your daily routes of travel and any off-route deviations you may take.

– Identification and file creation for all investors, family members and associated partners who may have stock holdings or revenue access to your companies.

– Acquisition and tracking of all of your bank accounts, trust funds, shell corporations and any professional financial services people identified in the international databases for the last 20 years.

– Acquisition and tracking of the RFID circuits in your car and the radio system in your car.

– Wifi and Laser inteferomtry observance of speech surface vibrations and air space disruptions, which, essentially, mean that they can see inside buildings and hear speech without bugging anything by listening to the vibrations of nearby windows, ceramics, plastics or other objects.

– Computerized cross matrix comparison of all IRS and State tax filings compared with all revenue streams from the last 15 years.

– Computerized Cross matrix studies on you and your psychological state via the surveillance databases of Palantir, LucidWorks, Epic, PINWALE, XKeyScore, Stormwatch, Lusidworks, Recorded Future and others.

– Use of nearby Zone satellite array transponders for signal-specific targeting of your activities.

Any drugs they buy, any money they take under the table, any sex services they hire, any porn they buy, any off-shore locations they hide their money in, any lies on their tax forms, anyplace their GPS reads out; anything and everything is being watched, recorded, analyzed and archived, FOREVER! The assassins can look forward to the manifestation of a number of famous mottos: “The FBI always gets their man”, “a dead man always gets his vengeance” and “a Lanister always pays his debts”.