BRIBERY and CORRUPTION revealed to have launched and maintained some car companies.

Numerous articles have emerged this week showing the facts, metrics, associations and process that created an “Oceans 11”-type inside team within the DOE who coordinated with certain car company founders to rig the stock market and the auto industry market.

Numerous emails, testimony, evidence and first investigation results have now shown that, while any engineering company can build a car, some groups decided to undertake a plan to trick the market in order to leverage their cars into the big-ticket investor pools.

Certain car company backers and founders traded cash, election resources, industrial favors, profit avenues and jobs in exchange for actions which would scam the markets into thinking those groups had received extreme due diligence. By creating this false impression, these companies were able to acquire vast sums of investor dollars based on a due diligence effort which never actually took place. Investors invested because they were told the companies had passed extreme DOE review. In fact, all review documents were destroyed, modified or obfuscated in order to hide the reality that those companies never would have been in the top tier compared to all other applicants. The “Oceans-11” team arbitrarily terminated every single other applicant, of hundreds of qualified applicants, to kill off all possible competitors.

Raj Gupta, Steve Rattner, McKinsey and others have already been charged. More are coming.

Additional profits were acquired by these backers from tax credits and special creative tax scams.
More coming from these articles and new whistle-blowers…