Tesla gets another $34M of your tax $$$ in campaign finance kickbacks!!!!!

Part of a number of lawsuits currently filed on Tesla note that Tesla books tax giveaways as “profit or revenue” instead of selling cars it has made a business out of taking tax money. Today, the State of California revealed that Tesla had received another $34 million in a one-of-a-kind, exclusive kickback of taxpayer money to help a bunch of billionaires who just happened to be the same billionaires that financed the related campaigns! Amazing!

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Tesla just got a $30-million tax break

By Giuseppe Macri- Daily Caller

The state of California just approved a $34.7-million tax break for electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors to expand the company’s production capability by another 35,000 additional units per year.

As a result, Tesla will be exempt from paying sales and use taxes on its planned purchase of $415 million in new manufacturing equipment, which California estimates will result in a $24-million economic boon to the state’s economy.

The California Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing Authority was the state panel that authorized the tax break. The panel is chaired by California state Treasurer Treasurer Bill Lockyer.


Since Tesla is still using our tax money, that means all of their internal financial records are available, on request, for public review, right?



The lawsuits against Tesla state that Tesla is pulling funny business with the numbers. Why wouldn’t the State of California wait until the NHTSA review is complete, or is this because they know the NHTSA review is going to go south?

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Tesla has gotten tax money from California before and they STILL need more cash from the taxpayers? Why can’t the Google Guys or Kleiner pay for this instead of the taxpayers? WTF?




Political White House super executives Bill Daley and Larry Summers, both thought to be shoe-ins, shockingly end candidacies at same time as investigations reveal their participation at the time and place that the Google and DOE kickbacks began.

Watch the news for more as details evolve….

The net is tightening around the suspects who ran a multi-billion dollar DOE/Google/Election scam: Daley, Summers, Rattner, Emanual, Gibbs, Axelrod. All of whom suddenly quit the White House or high office when investigators let them know what they had on them!

Roberts- LA Times, Chicago Office


All of them bailed out, at the height of their careers, in a bad economy, when they had the best jobs online already, because of “information they received”. It made no sense for them to cancel campaigns or jump ship, when they did, unless they knew they were going to be busted. They all issued comments that used the suspicious: “after careful consideration” language and the “spend more time with my family” smoke-screen phrasing. They all worked at the White House on the illegal ordering of the direction of the DOE funding decisions and they, and their chief of staff’s, all met with Google’s investors, who benefited the most from the DOE funding decisions. They all are under investigation by multiple organizations for re-routing federal funds to special interests during their White House stint. Ironic? Coincidence? or Crime?

Baily Johnson- Times Independent


Bill Daley ends his campaign, former White Chief of Staff. Larry Summers ends his White House nomination campaign at the same time. Two of the most powerful people in politics suddenly bail. Deja Vu.. Yes: Can you say Emanual, Gibbs, Rattner, Axelrod? They find out all of their back-door, insider, communications are on record with NSA, DEA, and many other agencies, who caught them while looking for other crimes.

Betty T.- Wall St. J. Stringer