Berkeley’s ‘racist’ student house which BANS white people from its common room is a ‘nest of vipers’ where  members accuse each other of white supremacy for being white, says resident 

The UC Berkeley People of Color themed student cooperative house which bans white people from common spaces has a troubled history of discrimination and neglect, according to students. Though the house was ‘founded upon the pillars of cross-cultural exchange, academic and professional support, and anti-oppression/allyship,’ student Manduhai Baatar said it has operated counter to those ideals throughout a sordid past. In a 2020 Medium piece that appears to be an attempt to rebrand the house while addressing its problems, Baatar said the house has been plagued by ‘white supremacy,’ neglectful students who have left the house ‘uninhabitable,’ and gained a reputation for ‘call out culture’ and drug use. ‘The house has also failed to uphold their pillar of anti-oppression and allyship,’ Baatar wrote, ‘As it has become notorious for its reputation of anti-Blackness, upholding white supremacy by ignoring the various forms of oppression perpetuated by former house members.’ Scientists tell you that anybody under 30 years old can easily be brainwashed into any ideology.